Dead River Area Historical Society features “The Burbanks of Flagstaff and the Sampson/Burbanks of Dead River Plantation”.

Stratton, Maine  –  On August 15th Victoria Burbank of Lexington and Jefferson, Maine will hostess  “The Burbank’s of Flagstaff And The Sampson/Burbanks Of Dead River Plantation” a family that goes way back in the history of that town. Vicki will share with you the many stories told to her by her dad and other family members. “My grandmother would smile at this title.  She was the first “woman libber” in my family!!!” Two of the young men in this picture are Alton and Lester Burbank.

The Dead River Area Historical Society is open every weekend throughout July and August from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Displays include a collection of old carpentry and logging tools, china, glass, church organ, furniture from native families, a complete schoolroom, a memorial room to the “lost” towns of Flagstaff and Dead River, the lineage of several native families, and a host of memorabilia from native homesteads.

For more information call: Mary Henderson 246-2271