Rangeleys “CIA” Children In Action After School

This is the second year of the Rangeley Fitness Centers After School Program for Rangeley children in grades K-5.  This is a 5 day program that is offered at a low enrollment cost of only $30-$40 a month.  The main goal is to get children to engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity and learn about health and nutrition through healthy snack preparation.

In order for this program to continue and keep the low enrollment fee we need to raise funds.  Currently we have expenses including (but not limited to) staffing, healthy snacks, equipment and more.

The Kids are going to be “IN ACTION”
In the month of February the children enrolled in the program will be taking action to help save this program!  They are going to be looking for people to sponsor them for the physical activities and healthy snacks they eat throughout the month.  Along with their healthy choices they will also be sharing their healthy lifestyles with our members by selling a trailmix (that they created) and selling fresh fruit at the front desk.
How can you get “IN ACTION”?
More information will be coming out closer to February, but any help from you would be wonderful.  You could help sponsor a child and his/her great efforts, purchase some tasty trailmix and fruit or donate to the program.
There are many ways to donate:
Money is not the only way to donate to this program.  Healthy snacks and fitness/sports equipment would also be helpful!
One item we would all love to have is a small basketball hoop that could be used inside and outside.  If anyone has one that would like to donate that would be great!