Bird Watching

Bird Watching in Maine’s Rangeley Lakes Region.

Common Loon with Chick

Don your binoculars, slip your bird identification book into your pocket and visit the Audubon Society’s 100 acre bird sanctuary on Hunter Cove in the Rangeley Lakes area. (off Route 4 towards Oquossoc, just opposite Dodge Pond Road.)

A network of short, self-guided hiking trails will allow you an opportunity to observe the grouse, Canada jays and geese, chickadees, owls, several species of ducks, loons and other birds and waterfowl that make the region their home or stop-over points during the seasons. Even the pecking of the pileated woodpecker can be enjoyed while walking through these woods. The sanctuary has a parking lot and picnic tables for the convenience of its visitors, and is open from dawn until dusk. This and many other areas can provide some very satisfying bird watching. Local Rangeley Recreational Guides can also be of help to area visitors.

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