Fly Fishing, Casting and Trolling  in Maine’s Rangeley Lakes Region

Fly Fishing in Rangeley

Photo courtesy of Sue Motley

The Rangeley Region’s waters are home to a variety of trophy-sized fish, including trout, land-locked salmon, togue, bass,and perch. Lakes, ponds, streams and rivers offer the thrill of the catch (then, most often, the subsequent release) from ice-out to the end of September.) Limited catch-and-release fishing is also available in October.

Lake fishing in the spring can bring fast action as trout and salmon are feeding near the surface. Trolling streamer flies and other patterns, sewn bait or lures brings them to the line. In the summer, as lake temperatures warm, use of lead core lines or downriggers gets your bait down to the fish seeking cool water. Fishing lakes in the fall greatly depends upon water temperature and combines spring and summer fishing techniques. For those unfamiliar with the area’s lakes, ponds and streams, a guide is highly recommended; others who are looking for an enhanced experience would also benefit greatly from their services

Licenses are available for one, three, seven and 15-day excursions, or seasonal licenses may also be purchased. For more information about licenses, regulations, seasons and limits, visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s homepage or pick up a copy of the state’s Open Water Fishing Regulations book anywhere licenses are sold. Need to rent a boat or canoe? If so see our boating or canoeing pages.

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